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Chinese new year

1 Jan


Bye bye xmass tree..hello chinese new year deco~


31 Dec


Breakfast time..

Flip flop

30 Dec


My 40,000.00 dollar rupiah  flip flop

Paddy field

29 Dec


Paddy field landscape~

Xia long bao

3 Dec

Soup dumpling! As u carefully pick one up w ur chopsticks, u chould taste the soup poured from inside the dumpling..yummy!

Red bean paste -piggy steamed bun

2 Dec

Cute piggy steamed bun..


1 Dec

The best in the world love letter – redondo

Hershey’s choclate chips cookies

25 Oct

never judge the cookies by its look..

in white dress

23 Oct

Nervously heading for the ‘tea ceremony’…

Ninja burger

20 Oct

It’s the oink oink burger!! Dont really like it. a very dry version of burger…