Archive | October, 2011

Hershey’s choclate chips cookies

25 Oct

never judge the cookies by its look..

in white dress

23 Oct

Nervously heading for the ‘tea ceremony’…

Ninja burger

20 Oct

It’s the oink oink burger!! Dont really like it. a very dry version of burger…

snow flower and the secret fan

10 Oct

i am now in the midst of reading this novel.still at page 7… foot binding..and secret language on the fan where only women know..and men should never know its existen.. A very interesting novel..

The Big bad wolf

9 Oct

the big bad wolf has returned!!! He made me purchased these books..dirt cheap!!! 10 books for only rm80!!! Yeay….even sophie kinsella book also cost me rm8 only..yeah,it’s dirt cheap.thanks big bad wolf…^_^

Choc chips

3 Oct

Yeay! Choc chips cookies…