Archive | August, 2011

Mad fries

23 Aug

Mad fries… Go away!!!!!

DIY manicure

22 Aug

Pink glam french manicure for a natural look with glossy shine…

Lunch at klcc

21 Aug

Lunch @klcc…

Bin Bin crackers

17 Aug

yummy!! Sweet yet spicy crackers//

Lazy Bum Bum

15 Aug

Mr Fluffy and his new exercise ball..he didnt run,but stood there while stare at me..lazy bum..grr!!


15 Aug

My fluffy hamsters’ smell good..

Golden man

13 Aug

Golden man found in sunway pyramid!!! Now that the gold price has increased, i wonder whether this man is for sale….

Green green grass

12 Aug

The leaves have grown big. These leaves are gift given by my that i miss her..


12 Aug

beef lagsana that i baked

Daddy (Mr Fluffy) and Giant

10 Aug

Aint they’re adorable? Need to get a new huge rexercise ball for them.the one they have is a bit too small for them. They’ve grown big. Owh, how fast time has flied..